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Working on Na hInnealtoiri – Season Two

I had recently been in touch with Abu Media about doing some work for them in the line of audio mixing. So when they called and asked me if I would like to work on Na hInnealtoiri Season Two for TG4 I was happy to do so. Na hInnealtoiri means engineer or innovator. Two presenters, Colm and Maria, help two kids to build an item which illustrates a basic concept of physics used in engineering, such as a beach sail cart, a dumper truck or a can crushing device. There was plenty to do in each episode with dialogue editing, mixing and adding sound FX but it was an enjoyable series to work on.

My Music Used in How to Live to 100 with Jon Snow

Writing specific production music tracks for a global event such as the Olympics or World Cup is always a good idea. Back in 2020 I had a collection of ten tracks written called Hello Tokyo on the Lift Music Library. So it is great to see these Japanese themed tracks still being used when there is a television production filmed in the land of the rising sun.

Jon Snow who has retired from having been a legend new anchor with Channel 4 presents How to Live to 100. He travels the globe seeking out communities which are successfully navigating their way through old age. I was glad to hear my track Triumph in Tokyo being used for the scene when Jon arrives in Japan. It is always a great feeling to place these tracks!

Mixing Rugby na mBan – Doc in Womens Rugby for TG4

James and Richie of have been producing all kinds of content from television and radio to podcasts and corporate film. And when they approached me about doing a sound mix for a sports documentary, I was of course interested. Rugbaí na mBan: Ag Briseadh Tríd charts the rise of the Irish Women’s rugby team from tentative beginnings through to their victory over the New Zealand Black Ferns. This film builds nicely with an engaging edit by Richie telling both serious and fun tales from everyone involved as they worked towards that historic win.

Mixing Moving West Series 2 for Dundara Productions

October tends to be a busy month in that people are back from holidays and fully working again. For me, it was no exception and I had a lot of audio post work on. I really enjoyed mixing episodes 4-6 of Moving West presented by Irish broadcasting royalty, Mary Kennedy. Much of the dialogue was as gaeilge and I never thought that I would need my cupla focail so much! I enjoyed working on the series for Enda Grace of Dundara Productions which airs later this year.

Tracks featured on Masterchef UK

Eddie Scott has won Masterchef UK 2022

Once again I was delighted to have some of my production music tracks featured on Masterchef UK. This is a new collection of ten pieces of music called Emerge which will soon be available on the Sneaky Biscuit music library, . These tracks have an uplifting mood and theme where orchestral instruments fuse with synths and pads to create a rich and full texture. Congrats to Eddie for the win!

I have joined the Media Tracks music library

I am happy to say that I have joined the Media Tracks music library and placed with them a collection of twelve alt pop tracks. Media Tracks has been in existence for over 20 years but is now under new management and ownership. The staff there is working hard to curate a collection of fresh and usable tracks from a team of skilled composers from the UK and beyond.

To listen to this collection of tracks, please click here .

IFTAs Sound Mix – March 2022

It was that time of year again when the IFTAs rolled around, an event celebrating everything TV and film within the industry in Ireland. Virgin Media help produce the awards and also televise them. I was asked to do the TV sound mix. It’s always a quick turnaround but myself and the rest of the post crew got everything completed in time for broadcast.

Busy Start to the Year

Fortunately the year has begun busy with a range of audio work as well as more composing for UK based music libraries. I have been mixing TV promos for Virgin Media as well as Premier Sports. Iris Productions have been producing URC Rugby for RTE and TG4 and I have been mixing their pre-game VTs.

One of the music libraries which I regularly contribute to,, has placed my tracks into some episodes of the current Masterchef series – it’s great to have your tracks in a program of which you are a big fan of!

Mixing and Sound Design for URC Rugby 2021

23 September 2021: It was great to get a call from Iris Productions in Galway who are currently creating openers for the URC Rugby League. They asked me to mix and add sound design to the opener for Round One of the league.

Music from my Wire Cutter Volume used in Kill Thy Neighbour on Channel 5

15 September 2021: It was great to hear that my production music tracks from Wire Cutter on Sneaky Biscuit Music were featured on a Channel 5 production, Kill Thy Neighbour.

Sound Mixing for Documentary about Ken Doherty – Seventeen Days in the Crucible

27 August 2021: Ken Doherty is a legend of Irish sport and it was very enjoyable mixing a documentary about his rise to greatness and winning the 1997 Snooker World Championship. This will be broadcast on eir Sport in October 2021.

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